Once again the Portico Church team find ourselves in Nicaragua for an amazing week on the mission field. Our arrival Saturday arrival was too late to travel North to Somotillo, so we stayed in Managua and headed to Casa de Shelly first thing Sunday. Sunday afternoon we found ourselves in Villa Esperanza and Pastor Dan shared the message at the church service that was held there. This village is particularly close to our hearts, as many members of our team had helped lay the foundation of the church structure a year earlier. It was great to see our friends again. Power outages and heavy rains caused us to hold our evening church service at Casa de Shelly. Pastor Donald brought the message and Domingo led us in worship. It was a challenging message and a wonderful time of worship.

Monday the Lord dispersed us in many directions. Pastor Dan headed over the border into Honduras to teach Pastors’ Training, several team members shared on the radio, the ladies headed back to Villa Esperanza to lead a Bible study with the village women, and the remaining men on the team stayed and became all too acquainted with machete weed eating at the training center. The afternoon found us in El Jinoquao where the medical team treated the villagers while the team engaged the rest of the people with the Gospel and a healthy amount of soccer.

Today we arose to a beautifully overcast day, not so welcomed in America, but always appreciated in Nicaragua. Randy and Jamie shared their testimonies on the radio and afterwards Pastor Dan preached. The morning again found us on separate paths, as the ladies went and shared skits and games at 2 area schools and the men re-acquainted themselves with the machetes (but added weed eaters to the mix). The men labored hard to vastly improve the slightly over ground grass at the training center….and it looks great. This afternoon we went with the medical team to El Ojoche (a favorite of the Team) and fed the village, played a lot of wiffleball, and enjoyed a shared time with a village Pastor who has done a wonderful job of discipling many people. The Gospel was shared, the Lord was glorified and much was made of Jesus.