Thanking GOD tonight as I pillow my head for the many blessings he has allowed Pam and I to be apart of over the years. Setting in a church tonight that God lead us to plant and listen to a Pastor preach that we have had the honor of teaching for the past 3 years made my heart jump with joy and thanksgiving. Last week a young girl in Galax VA celebrated her 9th birthday. She ask those that came to celebrate with her not to bring presents but to give her money instead so she could support Because We Cares work in Nicaragua. Today her birthday money feed 250 people in the village of Esperanza. She raise enough money to feed 2 more villages this week. Thank you so much Ava and we look forward to your return.
I can hardly wait to wake up in the morning (God willing) and see what God is up too…..

In His Service, Donald and Pammie