HALELUJAH! Another blessed week in Nicaragua for the gringos from Roanoke VA. As expected we have spent a week in Somotillo witnessing God’s continued work in this area as a result of the Gillette’s faithful labor and ongoing relationship building in the many villages that we were so blessed to visit each day. Their work is a great example of what is accomplished when ongoing intentional love is shared with the people you are trying to reach. Each morning 2 members of our team were honored to spend a few moments on the radio telling either their testimony or words God has laid on their heart to send across the airwaves of Central America. At the final village visit for the week we were blessed with a “God Moment”, as we played soccer with a group of young boys one of the boys began to speak of the radio broadcast that featured the story of the boat which was presented by Britt Smith WOW what a blessing to hear that the youth of this area are being fed by the radio ministry that we were so greatly blessed to be a part of. Earlier in the week we had discussed the effectiveness of the radio ministry and GOD ANSWERED OUR QUESTION!

Just under a year ago Tim and Jay had been to Nicaragua on a medical missions trip and during their time here were blessed with the sometime rare opportunity of leading a male adult to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. One afternoon this week they slipped off to pay him a visit just to find that he had moved. Two villagers at his former village agreed to ride with us and take us to where he had moved but as God would have it as soon as we pulled onto the main road in Somotillo there is Michael walking down the road with his oldest son Miguel, we couldn’t believe it. Had we been just 5 minutes earlier we would have missed him completely! Michael was as surprised to see us as we were to see him walking down the road. We gave Michael and his son a ride home where he told us he had not been to church in several months, and then told us of how a pastor had just been at his house yesterday, and as we spoke Reynaldo, one of the pastors affiliated with Because We Care, drove past on his motorcycle, it was amazing the way God was showing Michael how much he cared for him and wanted a relationship with him.

We have truly been blessed at each village with their openness to hear our words and have been honored to lead several young men and women to Jesus Christ our savior! The Spirit truly goes before the prayers of his people, at each village we could feel God at work and saw the result of what happens when God’s people come together and with their individual talents show love to God’s children…by the way we have been praying for rain all week and our last night in the Casa has been a DOWN POUR!!! HALLELUJAH!!!