Blessings and greetings from Somotillo, brothers and sisters in Christ. The week has been both joyful and fulfilling as the medical and ministry teams have been busy serving our Lord. Since our arrival on Sunday the ministry team of Josh, Jay, Rick, and interpreters Roberto and Roger, have cooked hot meals, distributed clothing, food, and candy to four villages and two schools. The medical team of Dick Williams, Alex Wade, Heather Koran, Mandy Lin, Michelle Mason, translators Tita, Nidia, and Chris and local doctors Carolina and Karla has treated over 300 patients at the clinic.

Testimonies shared by the team on the radio include those of Josh, Dick, Heather, Alex, and Rick. Jay provided the message. Other team members will share testimonies tomorrow and Friday.

We received much needed and often prayed-for rain this afternoon. The river and streams have been very low due to the low rainfall this year, but the Lord provided rain today in a big way.

With only one day remaining in the mission field for the team from Roanoke, VA, if He doesn’t change the plans, the medical team will work at the clinic until noon while the ministry team serves in a school. The entire team will then serve at a village in the afternoon tomorrow.