Another awesome day of Kingdom building with Libertad in Nicaragua as we held our fourth and final worship workshop with Because We Care Ministries followed by a concert to a packed house. Tomorrow we do a concert in a school in Managua and another at the Best Western motel where we are staying before flying home with our team on Tuesday. I have taught five times this week on different aspects of worship and played my trumpet and flugelhorn several times in the workshops and concerts and also in all the villages in which we have ministered. I’ve enjoyed many conversations and discussions about worship with our students as well as with the Nicaraguans and Hondurans. It has been a very emotional week for me to watch our Liberty School of Music students interacting with and ministering to these wonderful people in their own language. This has been the culmination of a two-year dream and prayer request. Now we are thinking and praying about how to follow up on this wonderful foundation in worship training that has been laid. We need to continue the worship training so that precept upon precept these precious people can continue to grow in their worship leading skills. Please pray with us for the resources we need, both human and financial, and for the wisdom to know how to make that happen. Pray for Don and Pam Gillette and Because We Care Ministries. Go to their website See the amazing things God is doing here: preaching the gospel, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, training the pastors and now the worship leaders, building schools, paying the salaries of the teachers and key pastors, sponsoring school children so they can have uniforms and school supplies, teaching the pastors and people how to make a living raising livestock and planting crops and the list goes on and on. This ministry is worthy of your support. I have seen it and experienced it first hand and can tell you that Don and Pam Gillette are the real deal. I endorse this work 100% and Donnita and I personally support them on a monthly basis and with special project offerings. Would you prayerfully consider what God might have you do?