¡Hola from Nicaragua!

Hey everyone. KJ and Emma here for our first blog update during our second trip! We arrived in Somotillo, Nicaragua Sunday afternoon along with all 500 lbs. of our donations. By dinner time we were settled in and acquainted with the other team from Lynchburg + Huddleston VA. We are getting along great with them! We were pretty wiped, so we all slept really well last night.

After waking up at 6am we had devotions and then an amazing breakfast prepared by Mama Maria and her kitchen staff. A couple of team members from the other crew went to the radio station to share their testimonies as well as lead everyone in a few songs of worship over the airwaves. Once they got back to Casa De Shelly we split up for our morning projects. The men went into a local community to help a man named Michael build his house. They painted the exterior cinderblock walls and also put up some trim. Michael told us to pray for his mom, Bertha, who just had her appendix taken out 5 days ago. I (KJ) had the opportunity to go visit her home to pray for her. I rode on a motorcycle for the first time ever. It was awesome! Continue to pray for our team to have opportunities to share the Gospel and pray for/with those we get to meet!

The women went to Pascuala and taught children the story of Daniel and the lions den and also made lion hand puppets out of brown paper lunch bags and construction paper. The kids loved it! The women spent the rest of their time playing games with the kids. Then it was time to meet back at Casa De Shelly.

After lunch we went to our first village of the week called La Flor. There we cooked a giant pot of a fortified chicken and rice soup, gave 150 lbs. of donations to the local pastor, and set up a medical clinic for the community. We also played sports, braided hair, and painted nails.

Each day we share ‘God moments’ with the rest of the team. These are times throughout the day where you witnessed the Lord moving through a person or experience. We are encouraged to share a verse that goes along with it. This helps us to see how can be applied to our everyday lives. It is inspiring to hear how the entire team noticed Jesus throughout the day.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The students are having a blast. We can’t wait to share more great stories with you as the week goes on.