Praise the Lord, our Broadcast Nicaragua team has hit the ground running. Yesterday, when we arrived at Casa de Shelly, we visited the village of Esperanza and had a great time ministering to them. We had an incredible night during our God Moment time as the whole team shared their God Moment. Today we had an awesome full day of ministry. The guys went to the San Cristabol Volcano and loaded up a truckload of dirt for a construction project at the Casa de Shelly. Our ladies visited Laredo School. We had a great time with the kids singing songs and playing games with them. We also did a bible story skit and they colored a picture about the bible story. This afternoon we visited the village of Mata de Cana. We played soccer, threw frisbee, and served the stew to the villagers. Our highlight was the skit of Daniel and the lions den that our students acted out.

Please continue to pray for our team as we go and serve the people of Nicaragua.

We love you!
Broadcast Nicaragua Team